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Kit Davies - CEO, Hart Learning Group

Kit began his FE career in 2001, having previously lived and worked in Spain, Mexico and Japan teaching and training English language teachers. Kit is a fully qualified teacher, teacher-trainer and language specialist with a broad set of classroom practitioner and management skills gained from over 20 years’ experience in a range of educational settings. His academic background is in the field of linguistics, having completed a degree in Spanish at Portsmouth University and then a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics at King’s College London. 

Lindsey Sherring - Managing Director of Hart L&D

I love doing anything that is a challenge or competitive.  Christmas growing up always involved card and board games and the loser had to do the washing up.  I’ve played hockey, tennis and football in the past and more recently competed in triathlon.  My desire to do the best I can translates into my work.  I’m always thinking about how we can make our apprenticeship programmes better.  I love that we have a team of like-minded people at Hart L&D who are focussed on helping learners to progress in their careers, and helping employers to get the most of their employees.

Kelly Ireland - Employability Programme Manager

I started my career in finance, where I worked through various roles at Barclays Bank.  This is where I found my passion for training staff and apprentices.  From this, I then went onto work within criminal justice, where I trained for rehab of offenders through education.  I love to see the results of changing lives of others through education, giving them opportunities through a variety of avenues.  I love my job at Hart L&D as I constantly get to experience new things, which makes every day interesting and different.