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Improve your skills with a course from the Adult Training Network.


The Adult Training Network currently have a range of free courses on offer in Luton (subject to eligibility). These courses are perfect for anyone looking to improve their maths, English, or digital skills either for their day-to-day lives or to help support them at work. The courses are personalised to meet the needs of each individual learner, helping boost confidence and providing guidance to support further progression.


If you’re looking to get back into work, aiming for a promotion, or you’d like to improve your skills for a confidence boost, then the Adult Training Network has a course for you.


ESOL and English


Communication skills are essential for both your personal and professional lives. With these courses, you’ll build your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as you work towards a qualification and/or a new job. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills or who speaks English as a second language.

Digital Skills (IT)


Digital Skills (IT) sessions are for learners who have limited experience with computers. Learn a variety of digital skills such as how to use Zoom, how to upload CVs, sending and receiving emails, and how to download apps. You’ll also learn top tips for how to stay safe online, including when browsing the internet or using social media



This course is perfect for anyone who struggles with maths and finds that these skills are holding them back with either getting into work or progressing in their career. Work towards a Functional Maths qualification involving numbers, form, basic arithmetic, money handling, and working with basic data.



If you’re interested in taking part in any of the sessions mentioned, or would just like some more information, please click the button below or call 02085749588.


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