Apprenticeships are our first love here at Hart Learning & Development.


Well, apprenticeships and 90s R’n’b but the less said about that the better right Ringo? We’re campaigning for businesses of all sizes to give apprenticeships a chance – if you do, we think you’ll go starry eyed for apprenticeships too. If you’ve lost that loving feeling you could also give our valentine’s spotify playlist a listen. You might already be aware of some of the great benefits to taking on an apprentice, such as lower wage costs and national insurance cost savings. But there’s so much more to them than that.


Here are our top five reasons why you should fall head over heels in love with apprenticeships!

They transform the lives of young people

Apprenticeships are now for everyone. But we still love apprenticeships because they’re a way to enable young people to build a career and realise their full potential in the occupation they care about most. Interested in inspiring young people? This national apprenticeship week employers and apprentices are talking to 10,000 young people about the power of apprenticeships. What’s not to love?

They bring a fresh perspective

Fresh young faces bring along new ideas and new ways of working to your business. Hiring an apprentice could help you fall in love with what you do all over again by helping you to improve your ways of doing things. New apprenticeship standards mean that businesses in almost every sector are shaking up their old ways of working by hiring apprentices – whether its in IT, health and care, finance, or even to train up senior managers. Interested in hiring an apprentice? Find out what we offer.

They help you attract diverse talent and fill skills gaps

Unlike a generic course that doesn’t bring in the right skills, apprenticeships help you bring in and grow the talent that suits the needs of your Apprenticeships boost productivity, staff retention and bottom line business performance – giving you a loyal workforce who love what they do. Especially if you provide clear progression routes. Want to learn more about the benefits an apprentice will bring? Read about how some of our clients have benefitted here.

They upskill existing staff

Growing your own has lots of incredible benefits and, thanks to Government’s recent apprenticeship changes, you can now use your levy to train existing staff across your organisation all the way up to your senior managers. This means that you can develop your staff to reach their full potential. Don’t believe us? Listen to our amazing client Ramsay Health Care UK explain the benefits of developing their existing workforce.

They help future-proof your business

Apprenticeships give you security in knowing that you have the skilled talent you need to move forward and grow. Many companies are reporting skills gaps, which are only going to get worse as Brexit goes ahead. Upskilling your staff and training new talent will help you plug skills gaps and, on a larger scale, will help the UK to remain competitively skilled. Interested? Skills minister Anne Milton recently wrote all about this for the Telegraph.

We know that apprenticeships are the way to go when it comes to talent management and helping your business to improve and grow. That’s why we love them so much, and you will too.



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