Hart Learning & Development have been working with A & D Electrical Services since 2018, providing the company with apprenticeships programmes to develop a qualified and skilled workforce. As a result of this collaboration, A & D Electrical Services have maintained a high staff retention rate and developed a team of highly-qualified engineers that fully adopt their company ethos.


What A & D Electrical Services say about their experience of working with Hart Learning & Development:

“As a local company, we pride ourselves on using a local workforce. So, when it came to expanding our company there was no hesitation in contacting Hart Learning & Development to enquire about their apprenticeship scheme.


“As a product of the apprenticeship scheme myself, I know that it is a proven system to gain access to the industry. Using industry-standard qualifications and practices combined with modern facilities and teaching available at Hart, I know that each student is getting what they require to progress through the field.


“More importantly, our employees who have come through the Hart Learning & Development Apprenticeship Scheme are enthusiastic about their learning and progression.


“The team at Hart are always friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding of our requirements for a new apprentice. We can always rely on Hart Learning & Development to provide a positive learning experience and quality for students.”


About A & D Electrical Services’ work with Hart Learning & Development:

Hart Learning & Development works well with A & D Electrical Services to support curriculum delivery, providing learners with opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills and develop good industry practices. The close working relationship also provides opportunities for additional support of learners to cement these fundamental practices.


Rigorous End-Point Assessment preparation has led to a high first-time pass rate in the apprenticeship, with learners able to demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum and of the broader industry. A collaborative approach to learner support is established through the close working relationship between Hart Learning & Development and A & D Electrical Services, including the introduction of specialist speakers to the curriculum to support mental health and wellbeing. This support is informed through a strong understanding of the industry demands and the impact of Covid-19 on the sector.

To find out more about the Apprenticeship courses offered by Hart L&D and for further detail on how we source the best candidates, please contact us on hello@hartld.co.uk.