Learner Insights: Adele

At Hart Learning + Development, we are proud that the units covered in our programmes provide learners with the skills, confidence, and knowledge that allows them to unlock their full potential. We seek to give every learner a positive experience throughout their learning journey and are pleased when they not only go on to achieve their career goals but also reflect fondly on their programme.

Adele, who works with the Lloyds Banking Group as a Branch Manager, completed her Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor apprenticeship with Hart Learning + Development. In an open letter, Adele told us more about her apprenticeship experience:


“I first started my apprenticeship journey in September 2021. Michelle became my tutor six months into the course, and there really are no words to describe how grateful I will always be of how she showed empathy, genuinely cared, really listened, empowered, inspired, challenged, and supported me. Michelle was always there whenever I needed her, so thank you!


“The way Michelle taught me, supported me, and kept my focus helped me fall in love with my apprenticeship programme again. I found my passion, dedication, and a real need to do well. Now, I’ve reached the end of my apprenticeship and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I finished with a Distinction, which I never thought I would, and I am incredibly proud of myself.


“I genuinely mean it when I say that Michelle has helped me on a personal level to find my confidence and believe in myself again. If I was struggling, Michelle took the time to chat with me for a few moments to isolate my worries and this helped me focus and supported my work. I believe that this is why my work got better.


“Michelle went above and beyond, and the comfort knowing I could reach out to her if I needed gives me confidence too.


“In my day-to-day role, I am now a manager of 2 branches on my own since April 2023. This was because of the confidence and belief I have in myself and I’m now able to support, coach, and lead my team. I am able to apply everything I have learned in my apprenticeship.”

Congratulations to Adele on her accomplishments. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.


If you’re interested in starting your own apprenticeship journey, visit Hart Learning & Development’s Apprenticeships page for more information.