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Apprenticeships are a brilliant way for learners to build their skills, knowledge, and confidence by combining classroom sessions with on-the job training. At the end of their apprenticeship journey, learners have earnt a recognised qualification, valuable experience, and a salary to support their development, making them an attractive option for school leavers, graduates, and career changers.


Jason is currently completing a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship with Hertfordshire County Council. So far, Jason has seen his communication and project management skills rapidly improve – boosting his self-esteem and his ability to self-motivate. Jason plans to take these transferable skills with him as he explores various career pathways.

We spoke with Jason about his apprenticeship experience so far…


How has your apprenticeship supported your personal and professional development?

The apprenticeship has allowed me to develop my communication and project management skills. Knowing how to professionally interact with different members of my organisation to get the desired outcome has been useful to my work in terms of apprenticeship projects and just day to day operations, it’s made me feel a lot more confident in how I approach my work as I feel I have the technical knowledge and presentation skills to be an effective employee in not just this but future roles as well. Personally, I have found that I have the capacity to be more self-motivated and driven to achieve my own goals. In particular I have been able to use the process of project management that you learn on this course to further progress in my hobbies, specifically helping me to learn the piano.


How does your apprenticeship contribute to your organisation?

One of the projects I carried out centred around a transitionary period my organisation was going through as certain teams were moved from one of our sites to another, I aided the transition by taking inventory of office supplies and conditions to create a report about what supplies can come with us and what we don’t need anymore. By doing this I was able to give valuable data to my manager that he could then use to facilitate the transition of my team.


What has been a highlight of your apprenticeship experience so far?

Honestly just being able to grow skills that I thought I didn’t have has been really positive for my self-esteem, I now feel as though there are a lot more opportunities open to me simply because I feel more prepared to take on responsibility or challenge or to just try more.


What are your plans for your future career?

I’m not entirely sure, I would like to get into an industry where I can learn and develop a core skill over time, like a computer programmer or an electrician or maybe even become self-employed, what I do know is that the skills I have learnt during this apprenticeship can be translated to a variety of roles, so I’ve got some options.


If you could speak to someone that’s thinking of starting an apprenticeship with Hart L+D, what would you say to them?

There will be a lot of MST meetings and courses, but you can gain a lot of valuable knowledge and these courses can be used to develop a lot more that just business admin acumen.


If you are interested in starting your own apprenticeship journey, or you’d like to take on an apprentice for your own organisation, please visit Hart Learning & Development’s apprenticeship showcase page for further information.

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