elevating the education industry

The role of educators has expanded.

Working in education is one of the most rewarding career pathways on offer, team members can shape the minds of the future and help young people achieve their potential.


The role of those working in the education industry has changed in recent years, not only are teaching staff and practitioners needed to maximise the learning experience of young people, but in light of the current mental health crisis – they provide a safe space for young people to receive support in dealing with emotional difficulties.

At Hart Learning and Development, we recognise the growing importance of educators.

We offer a Level 4 Children Young People and Families Practitioner apprenticeship, this is a role which works closely with children, young people and families to achieve positive sustainable change within their lives. Practitioners take the lead on developing and delivering a child’s placement plan and will work to support their health, education, and social needs – helping them thrive and fulfil their potential.


Teaching assistants are another key support role within the education system, they enhance all aspects of pupils’ education, ensuring all learners get the most out of their learning experience – taking any educational needs or emotional vulnerabilities into account. Teaching assistants not only maximise the learning experience of young people but they promote self-belief, social inclusion and high self-esteem.


We are amidst a mental health crisis, with younger groups grappling with the impact of social media. Teaching assistants and practitioners can play a vital role in the management of these issues by keeping a close eye on those at-risk and intervene with positive coping strategies to support these impressionable young minds.


Those working in education are pillars of the community who are available to support more than just traditional education delivery.

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Our apprenticeship curriculums are developed in collaboration between awarding bodies and relevant industry employers, meaning the content covered in the course accurately reflects the current and future needs of the education industry.


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