Boost Your Employability With Functional Skills

In the UK, 95% of all employers require candidates to be able to read and write; without these core skills, employment options diminish significantly. The majority of UK employers look for at least a grade 4/C in maths and English – these skills could be the difference between securing employment or not.


We use maths and English skills more than we realise – from casual text messages to crafting compelling content for a company’s social media page. No matter what career path you choose, they will consistently draw on maths and English skills in their professional and personal life.


Even in industries which might not explicitly require maths and English skills, you’d be surprised at how often they can stealthily appear. For instance, an Automotive Technician will be required to write reports, comprehend others and draw on mathematical ideas.


At Hart Learning and Development, we recognise how important our role is in equipping learners with these essential skills.

Addressing skills needs through Functional Skills


To meet this crucial need – at Hart Learning and Development, we offer different maths and English courses embedded within our apprenticeships to suit learners of all levels. Our Functional Skills programmes allow learners to apply practical maths and English skills to real-life vocational contexts at a pace that suits them.


The Functional Skills qualification is equivalent to the GCSE and is required when completing an apprenticeship. Its value extends across a range of industries – from accounting, business, education, sport and beyond. This knowledge forms the bedrock upon which other essential professional and personal skills can be built.


What is included in a Functional Skills programme? Our Functional Skills English programme teaches the fundamentals of using the English language effectively with a focus on speaking, listening, communicating, reading, and writing skills.


Similarly, our Functional Skills maths programme aims to strengthen knowledge of mathematical concepts without relying on a calculator. The course focuses on three main components – numbers, data-handling/measuring, and shapes. The distinctive feature of Functional Skills lies in their ability to offer learners, regardless of their skill level, a relatable and contextualised learning experience. The material uses real-life situations to teach these essential skills, making it easier for students of all levels to understand and apply them – in both their personal and professional life.

Why choose Hart Learning & Development


At Hart L+D, we are proud to work with a team of tutors who are committed to helping learners build these essential skills for success. We receive positive feedback from our learners about their experiences and are delighted that learners continue to use their skills beyond their studies and exams.


An alumni of Hart Learning & Development’s Functional Skills maths programme commented:


“Your commitment to ensuring my understanding of the subject matter went above and beyond what I expected. You tirelessly answered my questions, explained complex concepts with clarity and provided me with helpful resources which greatly enhanced my learning experience. Your ability to break down challenging problems and provide step by step solutions was truly remarkable.”


Our English Functional Skills programme receives similar praise. One of our recent learners commented:


“Your expert advice, patience, and encouragement played a significant role in this achievement. The knowledge, and strategies you shared with me not only helped me to tackle the challenges but also instilled a deep understanding of the subject matter.”

Start your own Functional Skills journey


Our Functional Skills offerings are embedded within each of our apprenticeship qualifications. For more information on Hart Learning and Development’s apprenticeship courses, please visit your relevant sector page from our Areas of Delivery Hub to find apprenticeship and functional skills courses that suit your needs.