Celebrating Graduates of Level 1 Social Care Work

Learners on Hart Learning + Development’s Level 1 Social Care Work apprenticeship, delivered with Hertfordshire County Council, celebrated their achievements with their family, peers, and tutors at a graduation event earlier in the academic year.

The programme provided paid work experience in the social care sector through this innovative partnership. Learners were also able to complete their maths and English qualifications alongside the programme to help them access further employment opportunities.


As well as gaining formal qualifications, the learners have developed the skills and confidence to progress in their career journeys and work towards their goals. Some of the learners who completed their apprenticeships will be continuing to work with their apprenticeship employer to further develop their skills, whilst another will be taking on his Level 2 qualification to enhance his CV.

We’re happy to share that the feedback from the event, and the apprenticeship programme, was overwhelmingly positive. Tracy Ward, a representative from Hertfordshire County Council, commented:


“I want to thank my team, and I know the other managers will feel the same. A lot of work and investment of time goes into supporting these young people; without such amazing staff, we wouldn’t be in the position to celebrate this huge success.


“Not only are we congratulating James, Tom, Paris, Jake, and Millie, but every single person that helped them to get to this goal. Thank you, everyone.”

Congratulations to the learners for their achievements, we look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future.


If you are interested in exploring your own development in the care sector, please visit Hart Learning & Development’s Clinical and Social Care showcase page for further details on our training opportunities.