Supporting Leadership Development at John Lewis Partnership

At Hart Learning + Development, we are committed to helping organisations unlock the full talent and potential of existing staff.


As well as professional development certifications, Hart L+D also offers higher-level apprenticeships which are designed to support employees in developing sector-specific skills that suit an organisation’s needs.

Hannah works as a Secondary Space Performance & Planning Manager for the John Lewis Partnership and has recently completed her Level 5 Operations Manager apprenticeship with Hart Learning + Development to improve her skills.


Reflecting on her learning journey, Hannah said:


“Overall, this apprenticeship has been an excellent experience and I’m so proud that the John Lewis Partnership has been advocating them more and encouraging Partners to take up a great development opportunity.


“I’ve found it really challenging in different ways which has enabled me to improve significantly over the 18 months. My confidence as a leader has grown and by spending more time reflecting on my learning and how I’ve been able to apply this knowledge day-to-day, I’ve got a much stronger belief in my skills and capabilities.


“Simon [Apprenticeship Tutor] has been a brilliant coach, supporting me through my journey and offering me great advice. Having this resource available made a huge difference as without it, I’d have definitely felt lost trying to work my way through!”

Mark Pettigrew, Head of Space and Range at John Lewis Partnership, has seen Hannah’s development first-hand. He commented:


“I have seen Hannah grow enormously over the course of the programme. She has built on some very good core skills with much stronger leadership skills, confidence and stakeholder management. Of course, juggling her daily accountabilities with the requirements of the apprenticeship has also given her great prioritisation and time management skills! I think Hannah has also really appreciated the support that she has had all the way through the programme, and I have been impressed with the methodology, tools and support throughout. It really sets people up for success. People will always need help when things get tough, and I know that this has always been available when Hannah has needed it most.


“Hannah is definitely ready for her next big role, and I’m determined that we find this for her as soon as possible.”


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