Learner Insights: Chris

Ever wondered how an apprenticeship could help your employees to upskill, or take your own skills up to the next level?

We asked Chris Skillings, a Bank Manager with Lloyds Banking Group and recent Operations Management Apprenticeship graduate about his Hart Learning & Development apprenticeship journey.


Looking back at your apprenticeship experience, how would you describe it?

I am really pleased that I decided to enrol in the apprenticeship scheme. As much as it has been challenging to balance additional academic tasks alongside my day-to-day role, the additional work and broad subjects that the scheme covered have provided me with additional knowledge and expertise I will be able to use moving forward in my career. I have already seen the impact of this, and it has been great bringing the additional knowledge to life.


How were you supported during your apprenticeship programme?

Simon [Apprenticeship Tutor with Hart Learning & Development] has provided me with excellent tutorage throughout the programme, and the additional support provided to me by my line manager Jack has enabled me to get the very best from the course. I now feel more confident in a number of areas, and I feel that I have been able to meet my original objectives set when I first started this journey. I now feel ready to deliver my end point project before completing the end point assessment.


Jack Blaker, the Senior Bank Manager and Chris’ line manager, has also noticed how Chris’ skills have developed as a result of his apprenticeship:


“I have been really impressed with the way Chris has worked throughout the apprenticeship programme; he has managed to balance the demand of a busy town centre branch with the high workload of the apprenticeship. He has self-managed the entire project from start to finish and I have always enjoyed the conversations and 1-to-1s where he explains what he has been learning and what he wants to put into practice in his day-to-day role.


“The huge commitment of time granted to Chris by the business to undertake this brilliant programme has been rewarded by Chris’ development and his desire to achieve. I have seen results in Chris’ business that have been underpinned by the various coaching processes he has gained.


“Overall, I have really enjoyed being a part of this and I am thrilled to see Chris do well.”

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