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Peter recently completed our CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management – now, after two promotions following completion of the course, he is People Manager at Wincanton, one of the UK’s largest supply chain partners. We caught up with Peter to discuss his Hart Learning and Development learning journey so far.

How has your course supported your personal and professional development?

“The CIPD Level 5 HR programme was instrumental in improving both my personal and professional development. Personally, it challenged me as a mature student, it helped me to think critically, develop a strategic mindset, and study outside of my comfort zone.


“Professionally, the programme equipped me with knowledge and practical skills in areas like workforce planning, employee engagement, employment law, and talent management. I’ve been able to apply these learnings to drive positive changes within my organisation. The qualification is widely recognised, opening doors for career advancement opportunities within my company.”


How did your course contribute to your organisation?

“My CIPD Level 5 enables me to make valuable contributions to the business. The focus on employment law ensures our practices comply with regulations, mitigating legal risks. This qualification has given me the confidence and tools to really make an impact in my role. I can approach HR challenges with a fresh perspective.


“It feels great to have this solid foundation to build on as I continue growing in my HR career.”


What has been a highlight of your experience so far?

“A major highlight has been the opportunity for continuous growth and taking on new challenges within the organisation. Moving into different contracts twice led to well-deserved promotions, salary increases, and exposure to various teams, sectors, and working environments.


“Building a wider network and fostering relationships across the company has been particularly rewarding. Each new role pushed me to apply my knowledge and skills from the apprenticeship, taking on new responsibilities, and working with different teams – an invaluable learning experience.”


What are your plans for your future career?

“With just 3-4 years left until retirement, I’m really focused on keeping things fresh and taking on new challenges within my current role. The CIPD qualification gave me such a great base to build from to be in the best position I can be. But no matter what, I’ll be constantly learning and developing myself professionally until the very last day. The CIPD really instilled that passion for growth in me.”


If you could speak to someone that’s thinking of starting a course with Hart L+D, what would you say to them?

“I highly recommend the programme with Hart L+D, especially as a mature student returning to structured learning. The tutors were incredibly supportive, providing guidance and nurturing an environment for me to regain confidence.


“No matter if you’re starting your career or nearing the end, this programme is an invaluable investment. It equips you with relevant knowledge while challenging you to approach problems differently.


“The sense of accomplishment reignited my passion for continuous learning, inspiring me to keep developing until retirement.”


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