EVER WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO study for a retail team leader qualification?

Our Insights Blog shares the unique experiences of our learners. Hear about their time studying with Hart Learning & Development, as well as their future plans and their skills developed.

Phil studied for his Level 3 Retail Team Leader Qualification during his time as Team Manager at the Co-Op.

Why did you sign up to do the course and what did you want to get from the course?

I felt that this was a worthwhile qualification for someone in my role (a team leader). I wanted to learn and network with like-minded individuals, develop personally and professionally whilst gaining the skill set and experience to lay the foundations for future success.

What has the number one benefit of the programme been for you?

My personal development from the course is something I’m proud of.


What do you feel was your biggest achievement

I achieved a distinction grade in the qualification, which I’m proud of. I also achieved promotion and career progression, including quick succession through several stores.

How did your work-based project allow you to utilise new skills, knowledge, and behaviours?

It gave me an excellent opportunity to showcase all the skills I learned and spending time speaking at length with the assessor gave an authentic insight into my journey, project, and development.


What advice would you give to someone who might be nervous to take the plunge and enrol for the programme?

Just go for it, get stuck in, it’s great. I attended many conferences at upmarket destinations in Bristol with talented presenters. I was initially nervous but just focused and smashed it out of the park. If you want a robust skill set and the first stepping-stone up into a management career, this apprenticeship is for you, provided you adopt a diligent, proactive and hardworking approach. Further to this, my tutor supported me greatly, providing so much clarity in what was such a turbulent time for me and my development, this was invaluable so would like to give my thanks!