Meet The Team: Jim Ludford

At Hart Learning + Development, we understand just how important skills such as English and maths are in both the workplace and day-to-day activities.


That’s why we’re proud to work with a team of excellent colleagues who share their wisdom and help learners to gain those crucial qualifications.

Jim Ludford works with learners on our Functional Skills maths programmes to deliver tailored support that helps them unlock their full potential. Find out more about Jim’s Hart Learning + Development experience in his Meet the Team interview:


What inspired you to pursue a career in teaching Functional Skills and Pre-Apprenticeships?

“Before joining Hart Learning + Development, I worked as a teacher in secondary and primary schools. Prior to that, I studied law at university and worked in the legal sector.


“My path to teaching and tutoring came from my desire to help people achieve their aspirations and life goals. My mantra is that everyone should have the chance to be successful at what they do.”


What do you enjoy the most about working with Hart Learning + Development?

“I enjoy working with such a variety of learners. Working with apprentices means that I am working with people of all ages and experiences. Being able to support each and every one of these learners, in different ways to suit their needs, makes my role very enjoyable. Seeing them succeed is extremely rewarding.


“I’ve worked with some learners who were very anxious about learning maths again. They believed that they would never be able to remember all of the topics we covered. Building relationships with these learners is vital, and being able to change their mindset on maths helped them pass their Functional Skills qualifications and therefore their apprenticeship. Their reaction to being told they had passed is something that I will never forget, they were absolutely delighted.”


If you could speak to someone who is thinking of enrolling on a Functional Skills programme, what would you say to them?

“I think myself and the team are able to engage with learners, which is really important, and we’re able to offer an approach that is appropriate for each individual learner as a result. No two people learn exactly the same, so it’s a case of recognising this and taking the learner through the programme at their pace, ensuring that they are confident with each topic before moving onto the next. This is something we are particularly strong at doing.”

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