Meet The Team: Naomi Holton

Hart Learning & Development’s Employability programmes are designed to support our learners in building skills and experience for success. This includes skills like CV writing and confident communication, as well as supporting personal development so that learners can take positive next steps in their lives.

Meet Naomi Holton, who works with Hart L+D as an Employability Tutor. Naomi brings her positive attitude, previous experience in supporting others, and enthusiasm to her classroom to help inspire her learners to aim high. Find out more about Naomi’s Hart Learning & Development journey in her Meet the Team interview:


What makes Hart Learning & Development’s courses stand out to learners?


“Not only are our programmes nationally recognised qualifications, they’re also not your standard run-of-the-mill courses where you turn up and write notes and sit an exam. Our courses help re-ignite a love for learning and education, build a routine, and support learners in honing a vast understanding of topics that will support them in work and in life.


“I think one of the biggest things about our courses that stands out for us is also how we build rapport in the class – both as tutors with our learners, and in-class peer-to-peer rapport. We encourage learners to make friends and bonds that will last beyond the end of the course and support them in life. I’ve seen first-hand where people have come into a two-week SWAP [Sector-Based Work Academy] course, feeling nervous and unsure, and leave with a group chat full of fantastic new friends.”


What do you enjoy the most about working with Hart Learning & Development?


“I really enjoy the level of support through the team. It’s great being able to reliably reach out to management and colleagues when needed and know they’re there to help, and to be a support system for others as well. I enjoy the work we do to make a difference in people’s lives. My colleagues are all so driven to support individuals in need and that dedication is inspiring.”


What inspired you to apply for this role?


“Before joining Hart Learning & Development, I used to work in the public sector in a range of customer service roles. In one of my previous roles in retail, I would often spend time with customers who needed that additional support due to whatever was going on in their lives; I loved being able to support them to make small changes and make a bit of a difference, even if it was just looking for the cheaper deals and products or just making them laugh.


“It was at that point that I came to the realisation that I wanted to do more for people and so I took on a role as an Employment Advisor in another organisation. I really developed my passion of supporting people whilst working there, whether that be supporting them back into work, education, or just developing a new, healthy routine. I have a lot of sympathy and empathy for the things that people go through in their private lives, and that helped me understand that I wanted to help others make changes to their own lives so they could take a breath, enjoy themselves, and enjoy working or being in education again.


“Now, as an Employability Tutor with Hart Learning & Development, I work with learners to build up their skills and employability attributes in preparation for work. It’s all about building confidence and allowing people to come into themselves and develop current and new skills so they can approach future work opportunities.”


What has been one of your highlights from working with Hart Learning & Development so far?


“Working on a SWAP course for Swissport, an aviation company, has been incredibly satisfying! Many of my students were able to secure work and are now able to get out of some previously difficult situations.


“One of my learners has lost faith in himself due to struggling to find work in the computer science field and more broadly. We stood outside the classroom whilst he explained to me what was going on, and it really highlighted some of his struggles which we then discussed and made a plan for. Since that moment, he’s been offered both a role with Swissport and with a computer science company called SPARTA! I couldn’t be prouder of what he’s achieved.”


If you could speak to someone who is thinking of joining Hart Learning & Development for a course, what would you say to them?


“Be creative, be innovative, have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Even when the world is as up and down as it is, it’s still our world, and you can shape it to be anything you want! Don’t be afraid to try things out, either – you never know what will stick and you might find a new passion which can lead to a new job or educational opportunity.”

To find out more about Hart Learning & Development’s Employability programme opportunities, please visit https://www.hartld.co.uk/services/employability/

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