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What our learners say

Our learners have great things to say about our courses

"All the staff went above and beyond to accommodate everyone in my class and no learner was ever given up on.

Looking back at how much my life’s changed in the last year, many other past learners must feel like me.  This programme deserves recognition for its outstanding teaching.  The impact it has on people's lives is incredible."

- Satnam

"Without people like you in this world people like me wouldn't make it to this point, like what Dr Dre is to Eminem. He gave him a chance and he ran with it. Now look at him.

I ran with what I had for a month and got the job, so I'll always be grateful to you guys."

- Joshua

"I found this course helpful in many ways.  I truly found that I have learnt great skills that I have for life. I know when I put my new qualifications on my CV I will receive a lot more responses than I did before I started the course.

This course has opened many doors for me while I am looking for a job. I really feel that my world is my oyster."

- Georgine

"Now know what I need to do to succeed in an office/admin environment.  I understand spreadsheets and budgeting.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this course and now know the direction I want to take to help me get the desired firm I would like to be employed by."

- Natalie

"The best part of attending this course is that it's given me a very clear path of action and invaluable insight and tips on how to write a better CV.

It's motivated me and given me the confidence boost I desperately needed while equipping me with job hunt skills and other transferable skills that will help me to secure a job and thrive in the role."

- Nadine

"This course has it helped me learn about customer service, professionalism and equality & diversity within business.

My tutor was friendly and patiently explained when we didn't understand things.  This course helps people unlock their potential."

- Kieron