Children, Young People and Families Manager (Level 5)


21 Months (£6000)



3 Months



April & September



As a Children, Young People and Family Manager you will ensure direction, alignment and commitment within your own practice, your team(s), your organisation and across partnerships to help children, young people and families aspire to do their best and achieve sustainable change. You will build teams, manage resources and lead new approaches to working practices that deliver improved outcomes and put the child, young person or family at the centre of practice.


You could be solely responsible for the management of a team or service or be part of a management team.

Your role will include

  • Delivering effectively on a wide range of outcomes; you will work on a multi-agency basis with professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, as well as team leaders and managers from your own organisation.
  • Encourage Children, Young People and Family Practitioners to gain the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to actively support each child, young person, young adult and family to achieve their potential
  • Informing and improving practice by acting on research and new developments into how the needs of children, young people and families are best met.
  • Modelling the behaviours that encourage reflective practice, professional confidence and humility.
  • Challenging and supporting practitioners and ensuring their practice is safe.
  • Lead an ethos that will enable and inspire practitioners to make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and families.

Programme Overview

As part of the Programme, you will be required to develop Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours in the below areas within your organisation:

  • The role of the team and the internal and external environment in which it operates
  • Maintains and develops a leadership style that sets the ethos, aims and approach to the work
  • Models an ethos that actively promotes equality, resilience, dignity and respects diversity and inclusion
  • The principles and practice of supervision with their staff
  • The working practices surrounding legislation, national and local solutions for safeguarding and risk management of children, young people and families
  • Assesses learning styles of self and team members and identifies development opportunities
  • The principles of long-term care and support for children and young people
  • The legislation, the theoretical approaches and the compliance requirements for running a residential care home for the care and support of children and young people
  • The theory and best practice in the use of restraint
  • Ensures each child receives the care and that the continuity of care for each child is in place
  • Models the behaviour expected from staff and communicates a clear message about the responsibilities required in the care and support of children
  • Manages and monitors safe systems of physical restraint


The values and behaviours expected of a Children, Young People and Family Manager

  • Care: Respecting and valuing practitioners, encouraging and enabling them to deliver excellent practice
  • Compassion: Consideration and concern, combined with robust challenge and support
  • Courage: Having honest conversations and encouraging practitioners to offer their own
  • Communication: Building relationships with practitioners, peers and partner organisations
  • Competence: Knowing the business, knowing what good practice looks like in others and having a relentless focus on delivering improved outcomes
  • Commitment: Demonstrating a strong moral purpose, modelling the ethos and building the skills of others and retaining and maintaining and own practice skills through effective CPD


You will also be required to complete a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare embedded into the standard programme

Course Delivery

The course delivery will typically be completed over a 21-month period, which will include fortnightly knowledge delivery through face-to-face sessions or remote


The learners will also be observed in the workplace on at least 3 occasions to identify the standards of competence are being met. There will also be recorded professional discussions covering competence towards the standard.


The tutor will complete a progress review in the first 6 weeks and every 10-12 weeks thereafter, which will require the Employer’s presence. All work will be stored on an electronic portfolio ready to be submitted to the End Point Assessment Organisation.


At the end of the 21st month, the learner will have a final assessment with an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). Revision and mock activities will be completed with the learner prior to the final assessment.

End Point Assessment

As part of the Apprenticeship Standard, you will be required to complete an End Point Assessment (EPA) at the end of your programme with an external Independent Assessor (EPAO).

Throughout the programme, your tutor will prepare you for the End Point Assessment and complete mock assessments prior to your final assessment.


The following elements will be completed during the End Point Assessment for Children, Young People and Families Manager Standard:

  • Situational Judgement Test.
  • Competence Interview supported by a portfolio of evidence


At the end of the final assessment, the below grades will be awarded by the EPAO:

  • Fail
  • Pass
  • Distinction


As part of the Children, Young People and Families Manager Standard you will be achieving the following qualifications:

  • Apprenticeship Standard Certificate for Children, Young People and Families Manager in Residential care
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Residential Childcare
  • Functional Skills Maths (Level 2)*
  • Functional Skills English (Level 2)*


*Will be achieved if relevant qualification not already held prior to the Apprenticeship.

Entry Requirements

Typical applicants will display a good attitude, a positive approach to learning & development and a high level of ambition. Apprentices will need to sit an initial assessment in both English and Maths.


Where a learner does not hold an equivalent to or GSCE grade 4 (C) or above, you will need to sit Functional Skills Level 2 English and Maths prior to taking the End Point assessment.

Government Funding

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